Oral Health Goes a Long Way with Regular Dental Visits

Oral health begins in the home and ends at your dentist’s office. Together, we will create a healthy mouth and beautiful smile. At-home care involves brushing at least twice a day for two minutes to clear out bacterial debris (plaque), and flossing at least once a day between teeth and gums rids your mouth of trapped food particles. If you floss once a day, try to do it at bedtime, so that the mouth is clean overnight when saliva production is at its lowest.

Seeing your dentist every six months will continue the oral care you consistently provide by clearing away tartar (hardened plaque) with scaling tools and polishing your pearly whites. In fact, a professional dental cleaning takes care of those things you cannot do at home and the goal is prevention and early treatment when dental problems arise. So what can you look forward to at your dental visit? Our caring dental team will support your oral health by:

— Checking the contact between your teeth

— Checking for signs of tooth decay

— Examining your teeth for any chips and cracks

— Making sure there are no loose teeth

— Making sure your fillings are in top shape

— Examining the tissues inside your mouth

— Checking your tongue for abnormalities

— Making sure your bite is what it should be

— Checking for receding gums

— Evaluating your dental appliances

— Taking X-rays as necessary

— Examining the gums

— Checking for the signs of early gum disease

Your oral health is as important as taking care of the rest of your body. Prevention and maintenance begins in the home and ends in your dental office. Taking some time out this spring to make sure your mouth is in its best shape yet, we invite you to schedule a visit by calling our Smiles Dental team in Salem, Oregon at 503.877.1844 today. Dr. Cheryl Cooper, Dr. Theron Nebeker, and Dr. Ken Waddell are proud to offer comprehensive dental care for your smile!