Let Our Sedation Dentistry Make Your Oral Care Anxiety-Free

At Smiles Dental we work hard to make sure your dental procedures feel safe and anxiety-free. We are pleased to offer conscious sedation so you can relax while we restore your smile.

Our sedation medication allows you to be aware of your surroundings as it gently slows down your central nervous system. You will be less responsive to stimuli like anxiety-causing noises, such as dental drills. You will feel as though there is no pain while feeling calm and relaxed and awake. This allows you to answer questions during the procedure which also helps us as we do our job.

One of the good things about benzodiazepine sedatives is that they are non-addictive and have very little side effects. To make sure the sedative is safe for you, we will take a medical history to assess your overall health and note any medications you are currently taking. During the procedure we will monitor you and after the treatment is over we make sure your ride takes you home.

While feeling deeply relaxed, you may feel as though time is shifting and that the procedure passed quickly, and won’t have much memory of the procedure. Analgesics can also make you feel like there is little pain or discomfort.

Sedation Levels:

Light Sedation
Light sedation allows you to feel relaxed, awake, and able to respond to our questions or directions. We use nitrous oxide–or laughing gas– for this so there is no recovery time and very minimal (if any) side effects.

Moderate Sedation
During moderate sedation you are conscious but won’t remember much from the procedure once it is over. You will be able to communicate with us but may feel groggy as well as slur your words. We can easily wake you up if you fall asleep, and you may take awhile to awaken. You will also need a ride home. Our office uses IV Sedation which is administered intravenously instead of orally. Not only is the effect quicker but we can adjust the medication levels during the procedure if needed.

Deep Sedation
During deep sedation you will be either semi-conscious or unconscious. You will remain that way until the drug is reversed or wears off, and awakening takes longer than lighter sedation methods. Bring a companion to take you home when you wake up and stay with you until you are fully awake and can function normally.

Don’t let dental anxiety prevent you from having the smile of your dreams. 2016 can be the year you get the smile you desire with the help of our sedation methods helping you relax. If you are ready, or just have questions, please feel free to call us today at 503.877.1844 and we will help you keep this New Year’s resolution!